Indian Audit And Accounts Department-
Budget  & Expenditure Monitoring System

Budget for Financial Year : 2019-2020 has uploaded in BEMS and PFMS simultaneously except for DDOs having Branch offices. DDOs having Branch Offices has to allot the budget to their branch Offices in IBEMS so that Budget will be uploaded in BEMS and PFMS simultaneouly for branch office. But Budget of Railway Offices, P&T offices and Overseas offices are not getting uploaded in PFMS


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The objective of BEMS is to build a transparent and effective process for budgetary allocation & control over expenditure. The application also aims at enforcing financial discipline to create effective Management Information System & to develop a decision support system for monitoring the day to day financial position. The BEMS application is equipped with proper input & output validation controls, restricted privileges & the data available in the system & the information generated through the system would be complete, accurate & reliable.


It is a tool for exercising control over expenditure on day to day basis so as to keep the expenditure within the prescribed norms/limit. The system does not permit booking of expenditure if there is no allocation of funds available under particular head of expenditure. The system is designed to capture expenditure figures up to two levels below the Object Head level for better budgetary control. The system has obviated the need for re-entering the monthly expenditure figures received from DDOS, thus, minimizing the chances of error by avoiding duplication of expenditure data entry work. The budget allocation & expenditure booking could be done up to micro level budget head which would help in monitoring the utilization of funds on real time basis.


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